In My Bag: Spring 2017

I’ve finally got my Spring gym bag checklist perfected. No matter what the locker room du jour is (or isn’t) stocked with, I’ll be set with these key items

First Time Getting Spun

I baby-stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for a spin class in a gym only a few blocks away from my apartment. I clicked sign up, put on my workout gear, walked over, hopped on a bike and waited.

Protein Smoothie Round Up

I’ve gotten damn good at making protein smoothies that don’t suck. Here are a few of my favorite flavor combos for those days you are feelin’ that protein smoothie life, or if like me, you have a stock pile of ‘Accountability Protein’ you would feel guilty about throwing away.

Not Your Mom’s Chicken Salad

It’s sweet. It’s savory. It’s full of protein. It’s the healthful chicken salad that you won’t throw out after it spends 3 months in the back of the fridge. You’ll eat it all. I promise.

Turning Chores into Self-Care

As a young professional living (alone) in a damn expensive city, there are certain things I can’t swipe my credit card to get done. If I don’t have money to magically cook, clean, and workout then I’m going to find the joy in the process rather than sulk in my own messes.

The Key to Healthful Living is Variety

When you’re starting a new healthful lifestyle change, don’t create unattainable goals or build a tiny cage around your diet. Give yourself options.

We Don’t Need #Thinspiration

Happiness does not come through pain or loss. Happiness is a product of time, effort, and self-love. This is why being healthful works for me.