We Don’t Need #Thinspiration

I was 19 years old when I first stumbled across a tumblr blog dedicated to being thin. I scrolled through the blog’s feed: photo after photo of a skinny little thing wearing a bikini, a skinny little thing giggling in a crop top, a skinny little thing striking a tree pose – and I slowly and sadly realized the blog offered no secret strategy to dropping a dress size or gaining a thigh gap. The blog instead stood for this idea that a single stream of photos showcasing this type of female body served as thin inspiration- fondly, #thinspiration or #fitspiration- for women unhappy with their current self.

#Thinspiration is not conducive to a healthful lifestyle.

I want to think #thinspiration started innocently enough. Yet, regardless of this trend’s original intention, the public perception of #thinspiration quickly suffered a death by internet. Hundreds of bloggers cried out about the negative aspects of #thinspiration blogs.

“[Thinspiration] makes eating disorders seem okay,” said some. While others went deeper and actually uncovered connections between eating disorder relapse and the rigorous exposure to the promotion of certain body types. Overall- the internet voted and unanimously decided that #thinspo and #fitspo are unhealthy, uncool, disrespectful, and even hateful.

The Fresh Professional blog will accomplish far more than any #thinspiration blog did.

The major problem with #thinspo and #fitspo is the focus on losing by means of pain. #Thinspo inspires you to eat less in order to lose weight. It promotes the idea that hunger is the way to thinness, and thinness ultimately leads to happiness. This is a dangerous path, and my experiences with this mindset has been unhealthy and ineffective.

For me, happiness does not come through pain or loss. Happiness is a product of time, effort, and self-love. This is why being healthful works for me.

Being healthful is not about inserting yourself into a negative cyclic state focused on the concept of losing. Being healthful is about gaining– gaining strength, gaining energy, gaining mindfulness, gaining confidence.

There is no one way to be healthful. In fact, I like to think there are endless combinations of habits big and small to practice in order to create a lifestyle of health and happiness.

Remember, each new time you leave this blog I want you to feel excited to try something new rather than down on yourself for the way you are. Together let’s work to create the most healthful version of ourselves through food, fitness, and mindfulness.

xx Jackie


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