First Time Getting Spun

In tireless dedication to using a wide variety of workouts in my daily routines (read: I get bored with doing the same thing over and over) I signed up for three months of Class Pass. Class Pass is a monthly membership that gives you access to hundreds of gyms in your city. The typical package (runs at $55 a month) gets you 5 classes or scheduled gym times at studios and gyms in more than 30 cities around the world! You can visit any participating studio / gym up to two times a month.

This membership has really given me the freedom and excuse to explore. I really need variety in order to stay engaged and committed to my summer bod.

When I first signed up I was completely new to the professional exercise class scene. In fact, my only experience with gyms up to this point was bee-lining to a treadmill or a bike and grinding out a programmed workout in 25 minutes, grabbing water, and peacing out.

It was hard at first to fight the urge to use my Class Pass to do what I had always done. There’s a ton of gyms that allow you to book an hour of gym time as one of your five classes. I’m happy to say I’ve refrained thus far, and I’m proud of it. Although that routine works for me when I’m using a hotel gym, I don’t want to waste even one of five precious opportunities to go try something new and different.

To start, I baby-stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for a spin class in a gym only a few blocks away from my apartment. I clicked sign up, put on my workout gear, walked over, hopped on a bike and waited. (It was really that easy!)

The class was small- only 10 of the 35 bikes actually had people on them. The lights were dim, and the instructor used a speaker reminiscent of college house party dance floors to boom her playlist.

There were some people in there who clearly were biking gurus- they had their special clip-in shoes, and definitely hit higher RPMs than I did the entire class. Although it was good to feel like I had something to aspire to, I’m sure if my first class only had this type of person surrounding me I would have felt a little out of place, and possibly even deterred from coming back again.


However, I found the fact that these gurus were balanced out very well with people like me- just trying to get mine- particularly comforting. The instructor was loud, the bikes were easy to work, and an hour flew (or.. err.. spun?) by. I got a good sweat in, and felt good and sore the next day.

If you’re just a beginner like me I highly suggest taking a low-key class at your local gym before you go into a boutique studio. You’ll get a great workout, meet some people from your neighborhood, and build confidence (and strength!) to sign up for something a little more competitive.

If you want to try Class Pass for $30 off use this link! If you’re exercise and food ADHD like me, Class Pass may be the perfect way to vary your routine without breaking your bank. (I get a little $ too if you use this link .. so thanks in advance)

What was your first exercise class like? Tell me about it below!


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