In My Bag: Spring 2017

I’ve been going to a bunch of different gyms and studios lately through Class Pass*. I have had so much fun getting out of my comfort zone and attending classes I never saw myself doing well in.

Because I’m getting out of my neighborhood, it’s been very important to make sure my gym bag is properly packed with everything I will need before, during, and after my sweat sessions.

I’ve finally got my Spring gym bag checklist perfected. No matter what the locker room du jour is (or isn’t) stocked with, I’ll be set with these key items.


Spring Gym Bag Essential #1: Blender Bottle

This bad boy holds up to 25oz of water, so when I’m chugging after a sprint in cycle, I can do it with the confidence that I’m not going to run out 3/4 of the way through class and want to die.

I love these Blender Bottles because I can scoop my daily collagen into it and know it’s going to be fully dissolved and mixed in by the time I get to the gym. There’s a wire orb inside that acts as a mixer when you shake the bottle. (Or- if you’re always late like me, just twist the cap on tight, throw it into your bag, and sprint to catch the train.)

Spring Gym Bag Essential #2: The Hair Tie Bracelet

How CUTE is this? This bracelet holds a regular hair tie stylishly. When I’m not actually wearing the thing (very rarely) I just make sure it lives in my gym bag with a fresh hair tie ready to go. Also- good news: you can get two for the price of a latte and a garbage pastry at Starbucks.


Spring Gym Bag Essential #3: Baby Chloe Perfume Sample

I’m obsessed with this scent right now. It’s so light, feminine, and flowery. Even after sweating enough to drown a small child, a spritz of this makes me feel pretty. It’s the perfect Spring scent for this girl.

These little samples are great to throw in your gym bag. They’re small, they’re easy to use, and typically the bottles are plastic, so you don’t have to worry about breaking a bunch of glass in your shorts.

TIP: Find out if your gym allows perfume in locker rooms. Some places are very strict about if/when you can spray scents on yourself. (Yes. I got yelled at. It’s fine.)


Spring Gym Bag Essential #4: Yuni Shower Sheets

There are some locker rooms that are so clean and inviting I can’t not take a shower. There are some locker rooms that make me want to vomit. Locker room state aside, busy fitness peeps have a life outside that gym and often find themselves needing to hustle to the next thing before they even have time to wipe down their equipment.

Yuni Shower Sheets are absolutely bomb. Inside each box are a bunch of individually wrapped giant (!) wipes that smell like minty citrus and cleanliness. They’re big and absorbent enough to clean up your whole sweaty bod. I keep one in my gym bag at all times.

That’s my Spring round up. What do you guys bring to the gym you can’t live without?

*If you want to try Class Pass for $30 off use this link! If you’re exercise and food ADHD like me, Class Pass may be the perfect way to vary your routine without breaking your bank. (I get a little $ too if you use this link .. so thanks in advance)


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